How do I live and feel when I keep on responding reactively? 

Comment by Jose Pares Perez. Concepción, Chile. 

If there is a principal source of the suffering that human beings experience, it’s their tendency to resist what happens in their lives. We don’t like don’t feeling well. We don’t like it when we don’t like something. When want everything we experience to be exactly how we like it. 

But life is not like that. At any moment, reality is or can be different to what we expect. Be it in detail or substantially, but different to what we would have liked it to be. In other words, everything we can experience, especially those things that are new to us, but also everything we already know, show us a side that we won’t like.  

This resisting, rejecting, negatively reactive attitude to what we experience lacks logic. Maybe in the instant we experience it we won’t be able to prevent a natural reaction that shows our rejection, but it’s completely illogical of us to bring that rejection to another level of suffering just because we don’t accept a reality we cannot change. 

Resisting reality take us to try running from it, and this reaction is the source of real discomfort. This, usually, drag us to distractions and unhealthy habits.

How do I live and feel when I keep on responding reactively?