How do I live who we are?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

I often come across expressions that refer to the “being” as our essence, our identity. But I also frequently come across people who do not understand the meaning of such expressions. The importance of what we are is found in the word “being”. When in our life we have obtained a profession, for example, we have achieved the title of engineer, that is something that we have achieved in life and that in no way changes what I am. I can have a professional life as an engineer, of course, but how is my life as a being?

The being is not something that can be renounced. Being is our first responsibility. When we understand this profoundly, life takes on another colour. Understanding profoundly what we are, leads to the understanding that I am because others have been. I am not an independent being. I did not give myself life. Another being shared it with me.

And in turn, I have shared it with others. In essence, we are. We are all the same thing, life. Nothing significant makes us different. We are all One in life.

The clarity that we achieve on the understanding of life, in any of its manifestations, changes the way we live. If we have a common origin, if we depend on each other, harmony and coherence arise from this profound understanding.

If you measure your success in life because you think that what you could have achieved is important, you have all the more reason to measure your success in life as a “being.”

You do not have to develop a scale to measure your success as a “being.” Just observe how you feel. Whoever does not live life as the “being” that they are, in one way or another, are taking away from their own life and that of others, happiness, coherence and peace.