How do you #seek outside what you have inside you?

#Comment by Jose Pares Perez. Concepción, Chile

I have seen many chicks hatch. Apparently, they are very independent, because they don’t feed from their mothers; however, they cuddle below them at night. They manage well, apparently, with hunger and cold, but even from the eggshell, they communicated with their mothers and that separation frightens them. But they learn early on that being with them because they’re scared is not part of life, it’s something they have to get over to live life fully.

We always believe that there’s something missing in our life, and that scares us. However, life is so wonderful that, even if we need each other when we are in a relationship, we are and have everything we need inside us to sustain our lives, excepting procreation. If we know ourselves, if we feel ourselves, we will find everything we should need to live life inside us. There’s no reason to fear.

Everything that can happen to us, everything we could fear is reduced to not knowing, the fear to the unknown. We cannot accept not knowing what will happen to me in the next moment to the one I’m living right now. But if we learn to live in the present, we are diminishing the possibilities of letting ourselves be swept away by thoughts that scare us. The reality of what we are is something you must accept, without a doubt. We will go from this life, just as we came to it. You cannot know what happens next, and even if you could, you would not understand it because your mind does not have the capability to understand the future.

Harmony and peace are supported by logic. Don’t look outside what you think you need to face your fears. Look deeply into yourself to discover what exactly scares you and, there’s no doubt, you will find in your own natural logic that beliefs cannot be put ahead of our feelings. What you feel is what’s real, what you believe is what is written. If your knowledge of life and your logic generate confidence, you have in yourself everything you need to be yourself. Have faith in yourself.