How is my life when I choose my responses responsibly?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

Every moment of our lives is new for us. We have never lived this moment. The experience that you are living right now is absolutely new to you. Life is an eternal present and you cannot predict what it will lay out for you in the next moment. But life does not surprise you since it has given you everything you need to go on.

Observe yourself, you have everything you need to live. If for a moment you think you do not have the means to overcome a difficulty, if you believe for a moment that you are unable to respond to the questions that life poses to you, observe yourself.

It’s just that you’re not paying attention to your life.

The questions that life raises to you are not intellectual, you are not expected to give a verbal response. Your decisions at any moment in your life are your responses. If you are present in your life, if you are in permanent contact with yourself, you will discover that the only way to live life, the only way to answer its questions responsibly is to give meaning to your life. In other words, to accept your responsibility for the whole life is to live in harmony, with coherence, and in peace.

Choose responsibly the responses that you give to life and your life will prosper. Do not seek or expect anything, just be and you’ll see.