How to face my fears?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Fears hamper our lives. Who has not experienced this reality? How many situations do we miss out on, because we fear the consequences they may have on us? How many times do we suffer, because we anticipate what might perhaps happen to us in the future? In fact, fears are no more than psychological angst, about something that only exists in our imagination. Often we imagine that we are not capable of carrying out a particular activity or task to follow a path that we have mapped out for ourselves and this stops us, or at least halts our progress.

Life is as it is and we cannot always change it. You have to live it exactly as it is. We are part of a natural world that is sometimes terrible; most of the time it is prodigal and that is why we are here. And as a being in nature, this is the sum total of our power and our conclusion: being.

Miracles do not exist, everything is the result of being what we are.

We can fall ill, we can die, we can laugh and we can cry, we can be loved or despised, all of this is part of being. Nothing has happened, so that you suffer, it just happens. Real life, difficulties and challenges exist. They are everywhere, they are part of life.

Nobody has a life that is free of them. So, life is like that and if you want to live life you need to accept reality and function as best you can.

Just take care not to live life anticipating situations you fear or that you are worried about, because you cannot be sure that they will happen. Do not be carried away by compulsive thoughts about what you fear: always live in the present as it happens.