How to reduce the causes of human suffering?

Saturday 16th December 2017, at 13 a.m.(WET) Canary Islands time

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Online face-to-face interview with Jaime Rojas Hernández PhD, researcher at the Canary Association for Health Development through Attention.

It will be explained, in accordance with our commitment, how we seek to understand the internal causes of our well-being and suffering from the information obtained through the 3.0 test that a thousand volunteers filled out with solidarity on September 27,2017 and that helped us to continue advancing in an investigation that we have been carrying out for more than 3 years and that will soon give rise to its first scientific article.

At the end of the interview, and if you are motivated to continue collaborating in our research, we will be very thankfull if you dedícate a few minutes of your time to respond to our new test 4.0.

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Canary Association for Health Development through Attention