How to rescue myself from my own abuse?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

It is likely that you will not agree with me when I state that we spend our lives abusing ourselves. That does not surprise me. We are not familiar with our inner selves. The way in which we experience the reality that life offers is to resist everything that we dislike. We normally pass from pain that is completely natural in our lives to a suffering that is self-inflicted. If you do not believe me observe how often you do this. You suffer from an illness or someone dies whom you love very much, or is the victim of one of the many frequent crimes that are prevalent in the society we are part of today, or we dislike the loneliness or neglect in which we live, or we do not have enough money to buy what we desire. In short, an endless list of realities that you dislike and that you resist and you suffer as a result of it. In some cases, you cannot do anything to avoid them, but in others, you may be able to alter some habits or relationships and over time the reality may change. But at the present moment you have no choice but to accept them and not to reject them.
The latter is nonsense because by doing it you are transforming pain into suffering, worry into distress and fear into panic. You must recognise that you are abusing yourself. Life is in the present, not an instant before nor an instant later.
What point is there in experiencing those moments in the present together with memories or with anxieties about the future?
You must not let yourself be swept along by your thoughts, since these take you away from the present. As if a shadow covered the gorgeous sun that you are able to enjoy while strolling through a beautiful landscape, or listening to the music you like or listening to the wonderful singing of the birds. That feeling of what you like is your present life. That is all you need to do when you have memories or worries that want to rob you of your beautiful present life.
It is that simple to cease to live a life that you dislike, a life that is abusing you. Creation, the Universe, does not ask you to suffer, it asks you to live and to be as sincere as your ability to feel allows you to be.