If anxiety directs our lives, is it because of the LACK of our intentional attention?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

The path we have taken through our lives is full of forks in the track that demand that something or someone decides in which direction we move forwards.

Who takes responsibility for these decisions?

Easy moments, difficult moments, painful losses, bursts of happiness, unexpected situations, thousands of moments require decisions.   There is no doubt that life is full ofthose opportunities in which the stepwe are taking at the moment determines part of our next journey.  The decision taken on each occasion cannot be changed since what we have lived through cannot be relived.  You can only take a new decision, you cannot go back over the path you have already taken.  The journey you have made cannot be unmade.  You and the world around you are affected by the journey you make or the steps you take.

We can find any number of active or reactive strengths within us that contribute one way or another towards guiding our steps on occasions like those described.  There are several of these strengths that are natural and instinctive for us and that enable us to survive when there is a need for us to act quickly.

In all the other moments in our lives the opportunity exists to be aware of the decisions that we are about to take.  In response to the reactive, negative, anxious feelings that we are experiencing, reactive strengths are produced that control our decisions.

Often we are not even aware of the decisions we make because we have taken them automatically and maybe we can only see the consequences.  If no deliberate attention is paid to our feelings and behaviour, the result of our decisions may be anything.

There is no doubt that not focussing our attention on what we experience at all times can result in unfortunate consequences when we react in a way that may hurt us or those with whom we interact.  The responsibility for our behaviour always rests with us.  When we live by paying attention to the present we can assume it with confidence and happiness.  When we do not pay attention, when we are distracted from our lives, nothing can excuse our reactions.