If I am all that I am capable of, why do I want to grow?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

“I am going to write something,” I have just said to myself.  And the desire to write already includes the subject that interests me.  I constantly think about the next moment instead of thinking about the present.

I organise what I am doing as something that is going to happen later and not at the present moment, because you cannot read this while I am writing it and I cannot write it before I have the desire to do it…I tell you that I paused for a few seconds to think about how to continue.  I am writing at this moment about something that happened recently, my thinking was in the recent past, so that I would write it later and you would be able to read it even further in the future.  Now it is written.  And when you read it, it will be in the present.  Our mind pivots between points in time: the past, present and future.  I can think about the past or about the future but I cannot be there.  I can think about the present, but what I have thought is already in the past.

We are in a chronological time but we live in a psychological time.

Our minds deal with time at will, we think about the time that “we fancy” but we feel now, in the present and our emotions and feelings are in tune with what we think.  Provided of course that the soaring eagle of my thoughts quietens and I can feel what I wish from the myriad of stimuli that I can receive from the totality of what we are.  Any of this will always be in the present.

Stop reading.  Stop doing anything.  Try to feel your ‘now’….you cannot because you have a lot to do.  Do not worry, forget it, some other time.  But do not plan for it.  Let the right moment come.

You are still here, stop doing anything and pay attention to a sensation, any you want…now…That is the present.

Reality demands a change in our present selves and that can only flow from the combination of our present moments.

Witnessing it is enough to provide the motivation to go on (Noam Chomsky)