If I demand peace by being violent am I fleeing from myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

You cannot imagine how happy it makes me to be able to talk about my personal experience by referring to what happens to us when we are present in ourselves, when we are aware of what we are experiencing at the present moment. It is not about pride or the desire to show that I am someone special. No, believe me when I say that it is about my own urge to share what we enjoy and what does us so much good. In those moments in which we really succeed in being present in the steps that we are taking, in the potatoes that we are peeling, in helping to hang out clothes that have just been washed, in writing this piece, that you are reading, I can clearly feel an immense joy in life, in appreciating the importance for the being I am, of doing something while feeling it and valuing that moment intensely as part of my whole life. It is difficult for me to find words that are able to express what I wish to communicate. It is fabulous to be here in this state of awareness of being present. It makes me feel that this really is life.
The most important thing is not what I do but how I feel while I do it.
Appreciating the importance that insignificant things have and realising the wonderful opportunity I have to sense the life I have at any moment. I feel enormously rich because I possess an immense treasure to share.
It is very difficult for me to understand, and even more difficult to accept, the reasons that make me run away from my presence. My attention is normally focussed on what I dislike about reality I perceive and I blame others for what I perceive. I like harmony, coherence and peace; but they do not exist in the world in which I live. There is great injustice and inequality in the world and this must change. How can I change the world when I am so insignificant compared to the enormity of the problem?
I do not understand it, so I am going to continue with the beliefs that fight against inequality. And the idea that history constantly repeats itself.
Love breeds love. Peace arises from peace. Any other path is a waste of our time and lives. Peace and love arise exclusively from the embers of our hearts, hearts which each of us must learn to ignite.