In order not to lose my life, do I need to be aware of it?
Remarks by Carlos Herrero Osés, Peralta, Navarra, Spain

If we don’t pay attention to something, we don’t perceive it; therefore, it is as if it doesn’t exist for us.

We can walk down a street thousands of times and if we suddenly pick up on some previously unnoticed detail, we tell ourselves, “I never realized, I didn’t even know that existed.” Or we can be talking with a person for a long time without understanding what they’ve told us.

In every instant, our sensory organs are capable of capturing millions of bits of information and yet we process only a small fraction, specifically the parts to which we pay attention; and that part is what we live.

While you were reading this, did you know how you felt inside?

Did you hear any sounds? How was your body feeling, was it comfortably positioned? All of this forms part of life but we tend to overlook it. This is an invitation to attend to the present, to our five senses, to the stimuli that life offers us in every instant. Because if we don’t do so, we don’t experience them and we lose them. Normally, we’re distracted with our minds, with the story that we tell ourselves about everything; and that

generates suffering. Due to the filters through which we see life, we feel as if it were always the same old thing, devoid of content, instead of enjoying it just as it is. In reality, it’s very rich and ever-changing, if we attend to it fully.