Inner peace is free but depends on us to create it

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

On many occasions in my life I lose my inner peace because it uses a mistaken interpretation of what I perceive.

This is an occurrence that is replicated in many other people.

Inner peace, like happiness, is not something that we are able to sustain permanently. It is something that we can develop ourselves by paying attention deliberately to what we feel.

What we perceive ultimately passes through an inner filter that decides whether or not we like it. It is inevitable that we do not like much of what we perceive.

However, it is our decision how we react to this dislike.

Our inner peace depends on this decision.

If we resist what we perceive because we do not like it, we renounce our inner peace. On the other hand, if we accept what we perceive as part of what we are, we will continue to be at peace. All that we need to live permanently in peace, although it seems to us be totally impossible, is to be sufficiently aware of the present moment with the aim of recognising when what we perceive threatens our peace of mind.