Inner peace is free but depends on us to create it.

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

On many occasions in my life, I lose my inner peace because of some misinterpretation of what I perceive. This holds true for everyone and is very repetitive. Inner peace, just like happiness, is not something that can sustain permanently. It is something we can build ourselves by intentionally paying attention to what we feel.

What we perceive is given the final place by an inner filter that decides whether that pleases us or not. It is inevitable that a lot of what we perceive does not please us. However it is our decision how we react to that displeasure.

Our inner peace depends on this decision. If we resist what we perceive because we do not like it, we are sure to lose our inner peace.

However, if we accept what we perceive as a part of who we are, we will continue to be at peace.

All we need to do, in order to live always in peace, even if it seems totally impossible, is to be sufficiently attentive to the present moment with the intention to realize whenever what we perceive is jeopardizing our peace.