Is a life of wandering wrecking my life?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Wandering is one of those words that has a great quantity of synonyms in the Spanish language.

It is probably due to the fact that we have an enormous number of ways of wandering, of being distracted from the most important things in life.  Like a tree that grows tall and cleans our air, like a rose bush that provides flowers for everyone to see; like the rain that brings the water we need; like the grain of wheat that germinates and supplies us all with food; that, without deviating from our reason for being, is how our life should be.  We are all manifestations of the life of the universe, only we can deviate from our course and cease to live a true life. 

And that is what we often do.

We have learnt to transform the natural pain of suffering into a pain that is not natural.   We have invented suffering and we can inflict it on ourselves and on the other living beings with which we share the universe.  We have the ability to become distracted from our lives and we very often do it through our thoughts because of our fears, desires, egoism, envy, anger, etc.  We deny what is happening to us in the present because we dislike it and we allow ourselves to be carried along by memories of the past and yearning about the future.  That is wandering; not living in the present.  If we become distracted from what we are, if we abandon our inner peace, we cannot hope to have a good sail because life requires us to be present to avoid a shipwreck.