Is being human being humanity?

Contribution made by Esteban Rojas Nieto. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

We live in relationships and are what we are in relation to others. That is why TO BE HUMAN MEANS TO BE HUMANITY. Interdependence, as a resource for the survival of our species, gets to us in every act. Isolated, we would die.

A relevant point of our quality of life is that it depends on the MATURITY of our relationships. Inevitably, we end up reaping what we sow. If we invest our existence in TRANSACTION relationships where I only give something you to get something from you, I will live on the defensive so you don’t deceive me. I will raise walls that will contaminate my life with fear about any relationship. It’s that simple. In this way, I will miss the fascinating adventure of communications capable of transforming us.

The TRANSFORMATION relationships that arise from inner peace impel me to share in solidarity with others what is good for everyone. In the flow of TRANSFORMATION relationships, where I expect nothing in return, the experience of feeling HUMANITY arises.

If you want to fill your life with joy, elevate the view of your communications, filling it with TRANSFORMATION relationships. Bring in SOLIDARITY to others the healthy proposal of being responsible to attend to what they live intentionally and without judging themselves so that between all, and from each one, we make common peace possible.

To be human means to be humanity.