Is changing tomorrow, continuing not to dare?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrín, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

How often have we told ourselves that tomorrow we will start to do something that we recognise is important to us?

Right now, at the beginning of the year, how many good resolutions have we made?  And how many have we pursued consistently?  How often have we told ourselves that the thing is that we are too busy at the moment and we do not have time?

Often we confuse what is urgent with what is important.

And the most important thing is what we put off, when that is precisely what could involve a change for the better in our lives.

The most important thing may be connected to what we are and the most urgent thing with what we do.  We stick with what we do and we neglect ourselves.

On the other hand, it may be that we do not know how to value what is important when it is about making changes that involve breaking our routines and we put it off till later when we will have greater calm to meditate about it.

But tomorrow tends not to come.  So it is as well to realise this.

Another issue that may act against this is that we feel insecure about undertaking anything that involves change and if it also means getting to know ourselves better, it even produces a certain hesitancy in us, since we believe that we will confront unpleasant aspects about ourselves.  I am not saying this just as a hypothesis: I have often heard people say “but what if I find things about myself that I dislike? – it would be better not to know.”  Here we come across the belief that there are bad things inside us that it is better not to know.  So we continue not to dare to go any further.

However, for those people who are in one of those situations, I can assure them that if they put their fears to one side and do not judge what they find inside themselves as being good or bad, they will be glad to discover that there was nothing dark or unacceptable hidden there.

To start to get in touch with ourselves it is necessary to learn to pay attention to what we feel and to take out of the dark room those feelings and fears that we always put off.  Dare to spend time with yourself today, not tomorrow.  Tomorrow only exists in your own imagination.