Is controlling life an illusion that ends up wearing us out?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Living life is an art that is not easy to learn.  Few human beings succeed in learning to live life as it deserves.  Life, if you have had the opportunity to experience it even if it has only been for a few moments, is something wonderful and indescribable while you enjoy those moments.

We do not have words to describe something that we know so little about.  But life is also those other moments, those that we are not always ready to experience.   

Our ability to think gives us the illusion of time passing from which emerge memories of what we have been in the past and anxiety about what the future may bring us.  

We are manifestations of a living Universe in which everything changes from moment to moment.  The consequences of this are the hallmarks of our reality.   

If we do not like what our thoughts offer us in the present, in our now, as a result of our dislike we try to flee from ourselves and to control the effects of the process that all reality suffers.

We resist our reality.  Consequently, the quiet life that we are able to enjoy at special moments, is transformed into an unproductive and exhausting struggle after an illusion…

Our ability to think, although it is the source of internal conflicts that take away our joy of living, is also, or should be, able to show us the inconsistency of our way of reacting.  It is as simple as not bashing our heads against the obstacles that are preventing us from progressing.  Why not accept what we cannot change?  Where does conflict go if I do not create it?  What is more important for peace than the fact that there is no intention to break it?

Life is not always sweet.  We go through bitter moments.  The bitter moments are not sweetened by ignoring them but by seasoning them with consistency and that is what provides us with moments of harmony and peace of mind.   We have muscles in our faces to laugh and to cry.  Nature does not make mistakes.  All of this is part of life.