Is it easy for me to connect emotionally with others?

Questions for self-observation and learning about myself.

Comment by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile

Human beings have a universal language different from the one with which we exchange ideas, concepts, beliefs and other matters related to ideas and knowledge. It is our emotional language that coincides pretty much with the language of animals.


Our faces and attitudes are the main communicators of our emotional language. We just have to observe the vividness or laxity of the body structure and / or the face of a person to know how they are feeling emotionally when meeting us. Even over the phone, their voice shows their joy or liveliness as well as his reluctance or sadness. In our presence, specifically the brightness or heaviness of their look also conveys the mood in which they find themselves.


Truthfully, great preparation is not required to communicate in this emotional language between humans. It is enough for us to have enough sensitivity to pay attention to how the other feels, whatever the way I communicate with them. That sensitivity that arises from our intention to pay attention to what it feels like when we make contact in any way.


Moreover, it is enough for us to know what their condition of life is in the present moment, what conditions surround them to be able to realise or imagine what is happening to them. It is enough for us to be informed that there is a war in their country, that they are immigrant, that an earthquake or natural tragedy has occurred in their part of the world, to know and share the suffering that they are experiencing. From that moment in which we have communicated directly or in an imaginary way, our silent emotional dialogue has begun.


The relief experienced by the sufferer is not small when it is reported that someone knows of their suffering. Many know how to keep quiet stoically, but the vast majority of humans experience something positive about their pain when it is reported that someone is aware of what they are suffering. If we can reach to them, we know clearly what we can or have the capacity to do; if we cannot reach to them, meditate on their suffering and assume the part of your human responsibility in the conflict if it depends on humans.


Those who live attentive to life cannot feel free from the suffering that affects any of us because we are ONE.