Is it more transformative to understand why we feel isolated from one another than to build bridges?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Brother, why are you hiding away, why don’t you come out and get some sun with me or have a glass of water?

-I know why, it’s happened to me, you want company but you’re scared of how you will be seen.

-Observe your memories carefully, you were or you saw yourself as splendid when you were in the prime of life and you are afraid that you will no longer be seen that way.

-Of course you were wonderful if that is how you saw yourself.  That is the most important thing, that you feel at ease with yourself.

-Why don’t you feel the same now?

Look at yourself, observe yourself, discover what frightens you and makes you hide yourself away.  Look carefully, this is happening now. 

Observe yourself.

-Don’t you like the way you look, is that it?

-You are as appreciated, or more so, than you were before.  You were and continue to be at one with the totality of what we are.  Don’t measure yourself against what you are not, measure yourself against what you are.  Nothing and nobody can diminish your wonderful existence.   

-Love yourself, believe in yourself.

-Pay attention to yourself, be happy and come and get some sun and have that glass of water with me.