Is it only the present that is ORIGINAL in life, and THE FUTURE and the past ILLUSIONS of IT?

Contribution by José Parés Pérez

Concepción, Chile.

Life is exactly what the universe, which gives it to us, enables it to be and not how we beings who are able to dream, conceive it to be.

It is a HARSH REALITY that is painful for us to accept but whatever else is said or that we imagine is an ILLUSION.

And as reality is so harsh, we spend our lives detached from our reality.  We are distracted from our lives chasing after other realities that fill us with different notions and create situations that feed our desires.

We believe, naively, that by living distractedly we will enjoy a more pleasurable life.  And when reality continues to bite we resist and our suffering appears.

We fall into melancholy because of our memories, into fear because of the things that we cannot avoid and that worry us because we store in our minds those memories and fears experienced in the past or future.

The healthiest and most rational way of living is an acceptance of what we are, living in the present, experiencing the original form of our lives and not what we dream about, or what we fear.

We must understand that we are the life we have at the present moment.  Only this logic brings us harmony and the peace of mind that life needs to allow it to be called LIFE.  Nothing can change what it is.