Is it to live in the present to know me at every moment?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

No doubt you have many friends.  As beings who depend heavily on our relationships with others, we are extremely keen to make friends andto get to know interesting people, with the aim of making our lives more pleasant.  Generally, we know lots of people.  And that makes it possible for us to interact with them while paying attention to the characteristics we know about each of them. We do not behave this way towards ourselves.  We believe that we know each other through and through because we have always lived with ourselves.  But that is not the case.  We know so little about ourselves that it is normal for us to experience unpleasant moments when faced with what life brings.  And we have become used to that.

Moreover, we often react towards reality, towards other people, towards our own inner reality, as a result of the fear we feel without knowing exactly what we fear.

I have often done exercises in self-observation and I have also contributed to preparing exercises with this in mind.  And the truth is that I have been able to discover an inner world that a few years ago, I did not even suspect might exist.  And thinking about it more closely, the world I have experienced and am experiencing is the one inside me.

Parts of the reality I have known and that I no longer experience are within me, as I lived them; but the reality is almost certainly no longer the way I experienced them.  We are complex beings and we are what we experience from moment to moment.

The reality is within me just as I observe it in the present moment.  Living our own lives, being present in our lives is the only way to live.  Letting yourself be carried along by fear, desires, annoying naturalinclinations, likes, dislikes or disgust, by our opinions or thoughts, etc. is to be “slightly moribund”.  It is being human automatons.  We do not accept what we dislike or what scares us and we resist the reality that is always with us.  Anger, anxiety, depression and sadness make their appearances.  The strong winds of reality can easily break the most solid forms of support that are not sufficiently flexible.     

Being present in our lives, in our potentially beautiful lives, requires that we know ourselves from moment to moment and that we be prepared to act freely when reality may potentially trouble us.

If I am really interested in myself, I need to know myself in order to live happily.