Is life the present?

Remarks by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

It’s difficult for us to understand that what we call time is something that only exists in our minds. Given that everything we can observe appears, changes, and disappears, we have created the concept of time that disappears. We have minds capable of thinking and have therefore created this concept of time. In fact, time is a product of our thought which, between memories, desires, and fears, has constructed a story that accompanies it and a future that awaits it. And in that, it makes its existence.

This existence is often tormented by memories and unrest or fear of the squandered prospects of the present passing without our recognition.

The beauty of a life, the splendor of development and the manifestation of every aspect of being alive, even its calm and content twilight, happens in the present.

Nothing has happened outside of the present. Physically, we have been entirely present during every moment of our lives; we could also have been mentally present in those moments.
But we don’t always manage to do so.

Distraction is something that frequently accompanies us, something that we often seek out. But think about what that means. Precious moments are being lost, valuable moments of your life. Distracting yourself is a very harmful pastime – it is the loss of life. Observe the life of any being incapable of thought: except for times of sickness or in the face of danger, it is always happy to be alive. It does not need to distract itself; it is simply a manifestation of joyful life. Life is present. When you search for ways to be in other moments of your life, carefully observe so that you may understand why you do so. You are losing your life by not resolving what is being withheld from it. You are always with yourself. You only need to notice this intentionally and attend to it, love it. You are the most important that that has ever happened or will ever happen. Be interested in yourself and you will recover your life. I’ve observed myself attentively, noticing what I do, and I have no doubt that the best moments of my life were those in which I was with myself in the present, whatever I was doing.