Is living without being conscious like not living?

Contributed by Isabel Hernández Negrin from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,


Try to remember any instance when while watching a movie or a TV program, you were thinking about something else at the same time.

Were you able to follow the TV show or the movie?

Well, now imagine that the movie you were watching was your life, while you were thinking about something else.

This is how we live. Life happens while we are thinking about other things. Is this not as if we were not living?

As life passes by, we keep waiting for the movie that would project our imagination or our memories onto us.

Do we give ourselves the opportunity to live what is really happening?

We confuse life with what we think or remember about life.

The thought is not the fact, the thought is not what is happening to you.

You remember the times that you go to a place and you remember very little of the path that you took.

Where were you? Your body was there, but what about the rest of you?

Become aware, from this day, of the times that you are watching your own intellectual movie instead of being in what you are doing.