Is lying to myself toxic?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

What is lying in this context?  Behaving in a way that is at odds with the reality of what we are.  If we do not know what we really are, we are just ignorant.  But if we know or suspect something about our reality, then we are lying to ourselves if we do not do anything about it.  Lying to ourselves is a huge cause of malaise, permanently living a lie becomes totally toxic for our lives.  If I do not learn about what I really am and about what I am doing here in my life, then I am more interested in living in a permanent lie than in living life as it is.  I lie to myself whenever I pass distractedly through life in accordance with the dictates of culture, politics, beliefs, the image I want to give of myself, dreams, desires, etc. 

Actually I lie to myself whenever I reveal more interest in following the current trends in life, in ignorance, than in discovering reality, by becoming more interest in loving myself and getting to know myself in order to achieve inner peace.

I prefer to lie to myself when I react violently towards what I dislike about others; I lie to myself when I do not apologise for giving out unfair and wounding judgements about others; I lie when I prefer to avoid myself and when my presence deprives other people of their freedom; I lie to myself when those who depend on my decisions do not receive a fair reward for their services.

All of these lies gradually poison our harmony, coherence and peace of mind.  I lie to myself when I decide to continue living in ways that take me away from life.