Is my identity the result of imagining myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

The human being is characterised by the ability to search for what they believe they do not have.  We cried when we did not feel our mother close to us.  We were always interested in taking away an unfamiliar toy from other children.  Later on we became interested in our appearance in order to be the head of the gang or to be first in the queue with the girls.  Finally, when we settled down, we wanted to be a great professional, to earn a lot of money and to attract other people’s attention.  A very familiar story in our lives: looking for something that we do not possess today and want to own tomorrow or being more than I am right now.

I identify with what I would like to achieve tomorrow and all my steps today are directed towards this imagined goal of tomorrow.  I am not yet what I want to be, but I live with an awareness of what I want to achieve.

I do not accept what I am at the moment but I accept what I imagine I will be like in future.  It is like living in a time that is in advance of the present moment.  The present is tainted by a haze of dissatisfaction that impels a search that lacks clarity and logic.  Satisfaction with what you are is something that you can only feel in the present.  It is healthy to have plans for future success, but we must be wary of feeling dissatisfied with what we are.  This engenders denial and despondency.  Nothing can be built on rubble.  Each day is a new day in our lives, a solid basis to feel an interest in being what I am, and not what I imagine myself to be.   My identity of yesterday is forgotten, the one for today is what I am and the one for tomorrow does not matter.  Today I am the best I can be.