Is my inner being like an unknown forest?

Contribution by José Parés Pérez

Concepción, Chile

It is normal for us to recoil from visiting our inner being, that place where we seem to be when we try to pay attention to ourselves.  If we have tried it we will have had difficulty in getting there.  The situation there is unclear. We see everything thing but we do not distinguish anything.  It is much clearer and more entertaining for us to remain outside where we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste.  What we can do inside there is to think; we know how to do that and it is not difficult for us to do since we can think aloud and talk about anything, even though we are not knowledgeable about such things because we do not attach great importance to any of them.  The most important thing is that we are entertaining ourselves by thinking and talking.  That is normal life.

However, we are not what we experience so superficially.  That is a façade and we human beings are not like that.  That way we would be empty husks, without an inner life.  We are not even what we think.  Really we are what we feel and, as we are alive, our reality changes from moment to moment. 

If you exerted yourself a little to enter into your inner self, you would find the whole of your reality there, since everything you have perceived since your conception can be found there.  Everything that you have perceived and interpreted about the reality we represent, is inside you.  It is you.  It has grown inside you and a leafy inner forest is growing continually within you whose species, just to mention the most common, are sensations, perceptions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, urges, habits, desires, resistances, attitudes, instincts, etc.  That is your world.

You are only aware of about 3% of your inner reality.   The rest is there, but you are not aware of that reality.  However, all 100% influences your life.  It affects your behaviour, thinking and feeling.  It is what we really are.  It is what produces our physical and emotional pains, our suffering or our peace and harmony; our indifference, laziness, boredom or fulfilment and joy of life stem from there.

There is no doubt that you can live just like the trees and other living beings that only have biological needs.  But you do not just have a body, you are yourself and you understand what you read.

That is why we live a life where generally we are not ill, but neither are we happy.  Anyone who has not visited or learned something about their inner forest, cannot say that they have ever been happy.