Is my present the beginning and end of my life’s journey?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

We have a long life formed by an infinite number of moments.  However, the only moment that we can experience is the present moment.  All the other moments in our life have been or will be lived at other times.  We live permanently in the present.  The present is the beginning and end of our journey through life.  All that matters is how we live in the present.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see and speak to a very old friend of mine.  At that moment I decided to broach this subject with her because I saw she looked a bit down.  It was clear that she was not living in the moment that the rest of us enjoy when we meet each other from time to time.  It was clear that she was not experiencing that moment as we were, in the present.

When we said goodbye I could think of nothing better than to say to her – don’t desert us, you are living in the past, aren’t you?

Her look towards me and my wife who was beside me, was the best response.  We both kissed her on the cheek, suggesting to her that she should remain with us and enjoy a friendship that has lasted forever.  Her smile was a gift to us both. But it is not enough, if she understood, she now needs to practise paying attention to the present, which provides us with the strength to continue to blossom throughout every moment we live.  And it is not about having a grand life; it is about enjoying every moment we live by paying attention to what that moment brings.  It will not always be wild flowers whose beauty is free to admire, but sometimes we will long for something from the past that we can no longer have.  Do not allow yourself to be diverted from the steps you take today, they are the best you can take.