Is my suffering our suffering?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Human beings cannot be individualistic.  We are conceptually and biologically interdependent.  I am simply because others have been.  OTHERS gave me the opportunity to BE.  Throughout our lives, we acknowledge one certainty; in life all is uncertainty.  The humanity I share protects me in my loneliness.

We are at one with our mother for a period of time and when we are separated from her we are shown the need to continue feeling at one with the TOTALITY, although we do not understand what it is.  But we do understand the fear of separation; we do not like to feel separated, we are struck by uncertainty.  However, we are not really separated, our fragmentation is an illusion.

The reality of human relationships is indisputable.  It is only in our thoughts that fragmentation exists.  Your pain is the same pain that everyone has.  My opinion is the result of everyone’s opinions.  My suffering is not mine alone, it is the same suffering EVERYONE has.

Share your pain Deliberately since you are sharing it anyway through your life of relationships.

If you remain separated you lose any chance of using your human abilities.