Is PEACE my pending issue?

Questions for self-observation and learning about myself.

Comment by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile


We will not always feel, if we pay attention, as if we lacked something to do, get or learn in life. If I observe myself, paying special attention to how I feel in the present moment, I will probably be satisfied with how I am assuming the challenges of life; I do not have unfulfilled commitments to myself or to my relationships; I respond appropriately to the demands of my friends and acquaintances; no one can demand explanations about the way I treat them; I am not unfair in my decisions; righteousness and honesty in all fields are my normal traits; coherence between what I think and do defines me.


The previous paragraph really defines a person who is integral and competent in their relationships.


Do you have any comments to make regarding the integrity and competence of the one defined there? Do you think that some important characteristic is missing from that character?


Peace is their pending subject. We cannot state it because there is no reference to that aspect of the character. However, it is easy to deduce by the rectitude they show that the harmony in their relationships breaks when they act without bearing in mind the negative effect that truth can have in people not known adequately.


It is ok to be righteous and demanding, to put inflexible limits, to ask for respect to the authority. But the way to do it must be harmonious and considering of the fact that we are not always responsible for our ignorance or lack of opportunities that life has meant to us.