Is resisting my feelings not letting me know myself?

Contribution made by Isabel Hernandez Negrin. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

If you have already read here other writings about the aspects of the psychological resistance we put to what we live or feel, maybe you have already found an answer to this question in your own life experiences. However, if you haven’t, put yourself in those cases in which you have felt bad because of something that’s happened. Probably, you have related what happened to what you feel. You have found an explanation in which you come out looking good, while leaving the responsibility to others.

Our interpretations are always selfish. We don’t contemplate the reality of what happened or what we feel, but we adorn it in the most convenient way for us.

While doing this, we deny ourselves the opportunity to see things as they are. I just see them according to my ideas and beliefs that have nothing to do with reality ‒internal (mine) or external.

And if I don’t see reality, can I know myself? We know something when we are able to see it without prejudices, openly, without limitations imposed by what I want to see.

When I resist feeling that my relationship with my partner ended, do I interpret it or do I see the reality? Maybe, just no to assume the responsibility, I tell myself that he/she found another person, or that he/she is immature or lazy, or whatever I want to tell myself. In this way, is completely impossible to know anything real, I won’t be able to know what has been my role in this movie and know myself, assuming my things without feelings of bitterness.

When I resist and tell myself stories is impossible that I can learn and know myself.