Is the present always extraordinary?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Of course if you neglect yourself you can make it completely futile and hopeless, but if you are aware of what you are experiencing, then this moment, the present one, really is quite extraordinary.
I should not answer the question that has been put to you to make you reflect. However, it is very likely that if you have never paused to consider the present moment, you will probably believe that it is just like any other moment. In reality, no other moment exists for you, other than this one, the present moment. All the rest of us have our own present moments, but for you there is just yours, your present moment.
The most extraordinary thing about the present moment is that you can do what you like with it, you can waste it by being distracted from yourself, by complaining about your past or dreaming about a future and there are many other ways of wasting it.
But you can also cherish it by experiencing it and sharing it attentively in communion with another person or people.
The most extraordinary thing about the present moment is that to make it something to treasure you must just experience it in an attentive way without caring how you use it, as long as you always pay attention to what you are experiencing. If you live by intentionally paying attention to the present moment, without caring whether you are thinking, feeling or acting, you are implementing a process of self-regulation for your life that will lead you, without detours, to a life that is harmonious, coherent and peaceful. A treasure that we would all want to possess. It is not even necessary to verbalise suggestions to seek anything. It just happens. Is that not extraordinary? If you are distracted or acting on autopilot, then your body senses it and becomes attentive once more to what you are doing. Value your time, it is the most important thing you possess.