​Is the present life the paradise of the extraordinary?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

We are and are surrounded by wonders that we have become accustomed to feeling.  They no longer fill us with wonder.  Unless, obviously, we pay attention intentionally to what we are and to what constantly is happening around us.  We are so used to ourselves and to seeing the wonders of the universe that none of that impresses us anymore and we live detached from our inner selves, distracted from ourselves.

Being present in our own lives demands that we pay attention to what we experience.  We regard ourselves as living beings because of feeling, thinking and doing.  However, the allocation of time in our lives that we spend on each of these activities generally favours doing and thinking.  Feeling is something that we only do occasionally and almost always without being aware of it.  We feel and perceive without paying further attention to it, we just react unconsciously towards our thoughts and acts.  Our emotions and feelings often pass us by unnoticed.  But, nevertheless, they are the language our body uses to communicate with our consciousness and to be able to take deliberate decisions to move forward with our present lives.

What we feel as a result of what we perceive is really the key towards the most extraordinary thing: our presence in our lives.

Our attention to what we experience in the present allows us to handle this key intelligently.

By contrast, our automatic unconscious reactions fed by beliefs, habits, the image we have of ourselves, weakness, or accumulated grief, set in motion painful or unpleasant feelings that we resist through a world of inner scenarios whose consequences we know very clearly because they are what prevail in the world of human relationships at all levels.

Is there peace within us on those occasions?

Not unless the person is a human being who is completely indifferent to those who are with us in life.  An absence of that darkness, which we are all so familiar with due to the enormous coverage in the media, could spark our imagination so that we realised how extraordinary our life would be without those consequences throughout our lives.  

I am explaining it because I have had the great good fortune of experiencing the reality that I am trying to describe when I have succeeded in intentionally paying attention to the moment that I am experiencing and enjoying the inner peace that is created by being ready to react coherently to what life brings.  I recommend it because it is extraordinary.