Is the present not to be an objective?

Contribution by José Parés Pérez

Concepción, Chile.

An objective is something that we aim to achieve after journeying through life.  Very often we embark on a journey to achieve something that we have at the present moment.  In other words, we walk along thinking about what we are looking for, about the objective that we have in mind.

Then we walk without paying attention to what we are at the present moment; without paying attention to what we are feeling or to how we are feeling.  We are living distracted from ourselves.  We do not pay attention to the effect of our anxiety nor our worries about achieving the objective that we have set ourselves.

The present moment is the only time we have.  Even though nature endows us with the gift of remembering and hoping, it also endows us with the gift of good sense in order to avoid hurting ourselves as a consequence of these abilities.  It is tremendously dangerous in life not to understand the scope of these abilities because of the consequences that they may have for our emotional and physical being.  We have the freedom to choose whether we live with an awareness of the present or whether we direct our attention towards the past or the future.  And this explains a very high percentage of humanity’s suffering. 

The present is not an objective, it is not something you seek, it is routine; it is what we experience, what we feel from moment to moment.  You can create a full life in the present and experience it by paying attention to every issue you feel or perceive; transforming yourself through what you observe; accepting what life brings; bringing you harmony and peace of mind.

An aware present will provide you with the future you dream of.  This is not a slogan, it is something you can continually verify in the present when you live attentively, with kindness and consistency towards yourself and others, even if it is only for a few moments.