Is there peace in oblivion?

Commentary by Isabel Hernández Negrín, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

When we are worried about something that happened or about something that we fear may happen, someone appears who says to us: “Forget it, don’t brood about it anymore.” However, it is not usually that easy to forget and we normally continue to dwell on things. At other times, when we have had a falling out with someone, we hope that, in time, the matter will be forgotten and that everything will go back to normal. Often this does not work either and we are afraid that someone will throw what happened back in our faces. The fact that emotions cool over time does not mean that peace and oblivion exist.

But our habit of running away from unpleasantness, means that we like to think that things can be forgotten and that we can live in peace.

Can I forget myself? Often we are the ones, with our thoughts and judgements, who create conflict. Can you perhaps forget the conflict that you have brought upon yourself? Can I forget myself?

Someone said that your life will be transformed when you completely understand the root of a conflict and not when you want to solve it. Therefore I suggest that you ask yourself whether you can trust your inner peace to oblivion. Think about it, without any preconceived ideas.