Is there PEACE without an ATTENTIVE LIFE?

Contribution by Esteban Rojas Nieto, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

If you were to define the life that I have lived you would say that it has been an INTENSE life. On the way, attentive to the present, I have gone along clearing away many of the FALSE NEEDS that restricted my existence in the shape of IDENTITY. On the verge of 70 years old I tend to live day by day FILLED WITH MY SENSATION OF PRESENCE. I do not need much else. My days tend to unfold ATTENTIVE to the urge for SOLIDARITY that I usually share and that leads me to FEEL what I AM as part of OTHERS. It is moving to perceive others, not as a reason for a TRANSACTION, but as a CONDITION of MY TRANSFORMATION. I understand through EXPERIENCE that there is no PEACE without an ATTENTIVE LIFE and this, which has been beneficial for me, is something I have transformed into MY MISSION for the LIFE I LEAD. A mission without a name and without an identity that can be appropriated by the usual opportunists, the EGOISTS who throughout the history of our species have appropriated any supposed TRUTH through followers, who provide them with power, riches and prestige.
The PEACE that is provided to us by a LIFE THAT IS DELIBERATELY ATTENTIVE emerges from an inner life of being aware of what we experience. Nobody can pay attention for me, therefore nothing and no one except me can provide me with INNER PEACE, so MY PEACE CAN ONLY BEAR MY NAME. In our neighbourhood we have started to spread the news that PEACE BEARS THE NAME OF EACH ONE OF US and that there are no false gateways to it since there is No PEACE without an ATTENTIVE LIFE. In a family PEACE may emerge on the basis of contributions to PEACE made by the ATTENTIVE LIFE of a grandfather, and/or grandmother or each of their children, spouses, or nephews/nieces.
If each of us contributes with the PEACE of our ATTENTIVE LIFE to the PEACE of everyone, PEACE will cease to be ONLY a word.
To contribute to my PEACE and to the PEACE of EVERYONE I feel the need to communicate, to whoever needs it, how to ADOPT an ATTENTIVE LIFE.
There is no PEACE without an ATTENTIVE LIFE.