Is there something permanent in my life?

Remarks by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

Everything that has any sort of effect on my life has always appeared worthy of consideration. I want to talk about it, study it, feel it and observe how it makes me feel. There are matters that should not be transcended or left for later investigation.
It’s always good to observe ourselves, get to know ourselves scrutinize ourselves, uncovered, inside and out, to be sure that nothing is left unobserved for fear, shame, or blame.

This not only brings us clarity, it also generates coherence, confidence, and serenity.

And this subject has always been one of those.

I have considered it various times in my life.

At the first opportunities, with images tinged by my beliefs at the time. Now, I don’t feel any fear, which is why my beliefs have taken a backseat in my consideration of reality. To begin simply, physically, all the atoms that form my body and have formed it before are particles that have always existed just as they are; today, in my body, yesterday in other ages or materials from this universe.

With few exceptions, the parts of my body have changed many times during the life that I have lived. Some specialists say that we make use of 33 bodies during our lives. And, following that, those atoms return to their journey through nature. With that, all that they are and the energy they contain is gone.

All the manifestations of energy, relative to our bodies, is nothing more than manifestations of the permanent activity or bodily chemistry. Even love is a manifestation of our instinct to preserve life. It would be far more complex if there were something permanent outside of the given body upon which the culture in which we live had a heavy weight. Anyone who agrees with what is being written here might consider that he or she is a being, separate from the rest of the beings who think.

But this is not the case. If the person writing this were to think that he was separate from those reading it, he wouldn’t be doing what he was doing if the those reading, were unnecessary and didn’t exist. It would be ridiculous even to imagine it. He does it because he needs the others in order to do what he does.

We need each other. We are not me, we are us. We generate memories in others and partially modify nature and our surroundings, and that is all there is. The most sublime things within us, which can persist to some extent, are thoughts produced in life and understood by others as valuable elements to be recorded and developed. This generates a culture and a pattern of behavior that others pick up and practice – what we normally call “collective consciousness.” The only thing that persists after each and every one of our lives, and which will also be reality if and only if life exists, is love; that is to say, life protecting life. If we are born, grow, and multiply, it is to learn to love, respect, and protect life.