Is to avoid my negative thoughts a way to run away from myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Life has features that can cause us malaise if we do not know how to handle them. We are like sponges that absorb everything that we are able to perceive. A sponge that can be strongly affected by what it has absorbed. Nothing escapes our senses even though it may escape our notice that we have perceived it. And in the things that we are aware of nothing escapes the scrutiny of our thoughts and the effect on our emotions. We are really a being with an enormous amount of activity both mental and physical. Our brain, under the normal condition of daily activities, consumes most of the energy used in our bodies.

And, as is natural, the mental activity of which we are aware, may please or displease us. We are constantly on guard against the characteristics we feel and think. There is no way of avoiding this kind of inner experience nor any way of eliminating what we dislike. If what we dislike is already going through the process of us realising that we feel it, it is already too late, it is already inside us.

And if we made an effort to eliminate it, if that were possible, we would devote even more attention to it.

We cannot run away from negative thoughts. They are part of us. They are or may be the part of us that we dislike. Unless, of course, I avoid myself, and avoid being present within me. This avoidance of ourselves is the way people have discovered to solve their fears, their shame, their regrets and everything that causes malaise. The means to run away from ourselves are many are very varied. But all of them indicate the same thing and produce the same significant effects: the loss of freedom to live a true life instead of a life enslaved by money, power, habits, beliefs, dependencies, image, etc. When you lose your true life for any reason, you lose all your sense of humanity. We are part of a wonderful Universe and life is only truly a life when you enjoy the knowledge of what we are. If we do not manage to enjoy being present in our lives, they have lost all meaning.