Leading a life of awareness is a responsibility with my life and that of others?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

I have thousands of reasons for being where I am and what I am.  But, am I satisfied with being where I am and what I am?   No doubt you, like everyone else, will feel some uncertainty about answering this question, despite having thousands of reasons for being where you are and being what you are.   Answering it means looking at a landscape that we rarely see, our inner reality.  The most surprising phenomenon is that although we have a tremendous ability to pay attention to ourselves, we do not really know ourselves.  The world is as it is because we, the “Is” are as we are, we do not pay attention to ourselves.  We pay attention to the lessons that focus on what we like, that reduce our fear, that require little effort from us and that allow us to dream, etc.  While I search without knowing whether I already have what I am seeking, there is knowledge available that is unknown or not very attractive to us.  We do not like paying attention to ourselves, because we may be presented with an inner reality that we probably will not like very much.

We prefer to distract ourselves with anything that the world outside can offer.  And that means living in a way that is distracted from yourself.  And all the wonderful and horrendous things that you may imagine are within you.  You are the only one who is responsible for the life you live and for what you provide in your relationships with others.  Any lesson that does not focus on self-knowledge, on what we are, and on things that we can only learn individually, cannot remove us from the situation we are facing.

Nobody can think for you, feel for you or act for you.  Each of us is the only onewho can do anything with our inner lives.  You are the only one who can experience all the wonderful and terrible aspects that you suspect are inside you by paying attention to them and admiring them or dealing with them wisely. 

The world needs you and me to take on our responsibilities. 

Life is as it is and our responsibility is none other than living in harmony.