Peace that comes through inner silence cures me?


Concepcion, Chile

It is likely that you will not believe me, but let me tell you that all the inner noise that drives away your peace of mind stems from your thoughts, from the emotions these produce and from the attitudes you adopt when you do not handle what is happening, in the most crucial and intimate part of your being, in an appropriate manner.

When the noise and confusion in your inner being reaches alarming levels, you come to ask – where does this chaos come from when the universe, we embody, normally feels so calm and loving?  The thing is that that this problem of your inner noise is not just important for you as an individual.  Your lack of inner peace is like your contribution to the lack of inner peace in the human world.  It is true that others contribute to the calamitous state of the world in a much more dramatic way than you or than me, however, any contribution is negative and has its own significance.

How can you contribute in a positive way to the Peace of the world?  Contribute with your inner peace; your silence will generate peace for you and your peace will be able to influence the lack of peace in the world.

Our inner clamour is the result of our non-existent control over the thoughts generated by our automatic reactions to what we face in life.  It is to these reactions that we need to pay particular attention whenever, as a result of these reactions, we are filled with fear, stress, anger, sadness, shame, guilt and any number of other emotions.  There is no doubt that what we call this inner noise and the resulting distraction we feel, makes the situation even more complex.  And that sums up the way in which we normally live: distracted, saddened, angry or, to make us feel a bit better, under the influence of something that is bad for our health.

Search within you for that activity which does contribute to your inner peace.  It is not simple, actually it is impossible, to stem the flow of our thoughts.  That is not the path to take.  Instead, we need to try deliberately to divert our attention from what we think and to what we feel or do.  Practising paying attention to our sensations in a focussed, kind and curious way produces the Peace we need in order to live our lives in harmony.​