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The sustained reduction in the flow of blood to the brain deprives its neurones of the nutrients they need for the brain to function properly. A long-term lack of proper circulation in the brain can end up becoming a symptom of dementia. 

Maintaining an active brain assists its circulation, helping to prevent and alleviate senile and early onset dementia. 

Eco-doppler ultrasounds illustrate how “paying attention to the present” increases the flow of blood to the brain. Accordingly, “paying attention to the present” can provide us with a simple, natural, non-invasive and zero-cost tool to help prevent and alleviate senile and early onset dementia. 

This is why the objective of developing this project is to develop activities and exercises, over the course of a day, which grab the attention of each participant, and which promote the kind of brain circulation which alleviates and/or delays the worsening of the participants’ symptoms of dementia. 

This project dispenses with descriptions, analysis or statements that distract those who are trying to live a self-aware life. The knowledge needed to start paying attention to oneself in the present is simple. So simple, that it seems to us to be unhelpful to distract ourselves with unnecessary studies, given that the key point is to obtain the benefits of “being aware of the present”, rather than just talking about them.