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Living is the purpose of Life


Living is the purpose of Life; every action or attitude which harms its existence is an “immature” action or attitude from the point of view of Life. “Maturity”, from the point of view of Life, can be recognized in the actions or attitudes which contribute to improve health and to survive.
The intentioned effort we can make in order to live “attentive to the present” corresponds to a “mature” attitude since, in doing so, our harmony and calmness increase and therefore the health that strengthens our life. It is important to emphasize that this is not only beneficial for us, but also for the things and the people surrounding us.

To abandon our life to rambling means to abandon it to anxiety. When rambling, we become isolated from life. We lock ourselves up in the “image box” boosted by our memories. When we become isolated, empathy —which we need to connect with us, with the world and with others in a meaningful way— disappears. When empathy fades we remain isolated and stop connecting with others to start connecting with the “image we have of others”, the “image we have of the world and nature”. When isolated from life because of rambling, we lose our inner calmness and we create the conditions for fear and anxiety. The insecurity that goes with the isolation produced by rambling ends up developing selfish fantasies that try to make up for the anguish of remaining isolated. Insofar as selfishness is strengthened by means of selfish acts, our isolation in the “image box” that boosts our memories increases.

When these conditions are created we start to fall ill psychologically, emotively and physically. That is why we say that to live rambling, either consciously or by omission, corresponds to an “immature” attitude from the point of view of Life.
Finally, we would like to point out that there are not mature or immature people from the point of view of Life, but mature or immature acts or attitudes. Anyone usually “mature” has carried out “immature” actions and/or attitudes in their life, as well as anyone usually “immature” has carried out “mature” actions and/or attitudes in their life.