Seeking for myself in others qualities does not work, it keeps me lost?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

How do you feel this morning?

If you have had the opportunity to observe yourself and you have done so, you will have a clear answer to this simple question. For example, at this moment you feel like walking alone in a forest, or perhaps you have the desire to talk to someone who could help you with your confusion, or finally, write about the things that agitate you. Whatever it is that you are feeling right now, is your life.

Your life is in this instant and only you can know your life. What you are living in this moment does not exist in any book or any map. It is your life, filled with millions of details that set it apart from the lives of others. You do not feel at this moment what you felt yesterday or what you will feel tomorrow. You are yourself in this instant and in the steps that you take.

Observing what you have done this morning is the only way to be you. Your decision of this moment is yours alone. Whatever you decide to do is fine. Live this moment with peace because when you have decided to live in this way, there is no doubt that you are deciding, with coherence and harmony, in favour of calmness that facilitates your self-observation.

There is no other way to live the life. And paradoxically, although we understand that, we walk permanently imitating the steps or the ways in which the others live. We do not need anyone and we have no difficulty connecting with ourselves. Life has given us everything we could possibly need. If I have taken the necessary steps to discover myself, I do not need anyone else for being myself, for being my life.