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Let’s think for a moment about high risk sports. Let’s think about what those who practise them say: “I feel alive”, “I feel a huge strength inside me”, “I’m at one with nature”, “All of my senses open up”, etc. 

We can experience something similar in relation to a spectacular sunrise or sunset, a dream location or a special piece of music that leaves us open-mouthed. We feel like all we are is eyes and ears, and our breathing changes. 

What is really happening here? If we disregard the amount of adrenaline involved in high risk sport, what we can see is that the thing which all of these scenarios have in common is that they involve living in the moment. There is no digression, we’re completely dedicated to that experience. 

In risky situations, there’s no time for pointless digressions because our lives are at stake. There’s no use in thinking about the past or the future. All of our attention is focused on the present and that makes us feel alive. 

The same thing happens in the case of a spectacular sunrise. We understand it without needing any words, there’s no rushing about, no anxiety, no past or future. The only thing that exists is that moment and what we feel. 

We feel alive, really alive, conclusively alive which is so important. If we’re unable to find self-satisfaction we will live, but only in the sense that we’re not dead and not because we want to or feel that life is something worth living.