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It is important to learn how to smile with our eyes, our mouths, our brains and our emotions. It is important to learn how to construct a smile, whether or not we feel like smiling. 

Smiling is healthy. Smiling gives us energy. Smiling gives us vitality. Smiling helps to reduce the anxiety and tensions that can accompany our thoughts. Smiling infuses our thoughts with kindness. 

Smiling makes life easier. Smiling is contagious. It affects our lives and those of people around us. Smiling sweetens what we have to say. Smiling propels our thoughts and our actions towards generosity. Smiling can make others smile. Smiling is pleasant. Smiling regularly in our everyday life is a form of practising the joy of living. 

Smiling is the practical culmination of the effort that is involved in returning time and again to the notion of self-awareness in the face of our distractions. Smiling makes life good. Smiling makes it easy to accept the reality in which we live. Smiling helps us to confront those thoughts that can produce anxiety and suffering and, as a result, reduce the tensions that accompany them. 

It is important to learn to live smiling. A smile is a powerful tool. A smile expresses and produces joy. A self-aware life is a smiling life.