To know myself, should I observe #myself without judgment?

#Comment by Jose Pares Perez. Concepción, Chile.

It’s widely known that life is not a heaven of peace. It’s like the sea that can change from a great calmness to towering waves caused by the great winds that are part of that sea. That’s the nature of the sea. Its water does not fear the movement that accompanies its being in the sea. It’s in the sea and it knows what it means. It is the sea; it wouldn’t think to be other thing.

We are in this life, but we don’t always know what we are. We don’t know ourselves. Generally, we’re not satisfied with what happens in life. We don’t know what we are, we feed on dreams and faith, and we don’t like feeling what’s unpleasant to us, we are constantly trying to get away from it and life has a lot of that, many things we don’t like. We hate feeling down; we resist those things that we don’t like to feel. We try to distance ourselves from what produces pain and discomfort, but resisting make us suffer. However, that’s life. If we accept life as it is, it bears fruit; otherwise, we lose it with our dissatisfaction. We accept ourselves when we know ourselves, and that knowing ourselves requires acceptance. Only those who love themselves pay enough attention to know themselves. They accept themselves as they are, they don’t judge, they don’t put blame on themselves. Loving and knowing myself is observing myself to try to discover the reactions to those winds that life throws that can damage the relationships I have with my loved ones.

Meditation, paying attention to the present and feeling ourselves is being present in ourselves to love and act in harmony and logic. Living is that simple.