To take over my life, do I need to take care of it?

Questions for self-observation and learning about myself.
Comment made by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile


All the moments of our life are unique. Our life is permanently fresh and changing. We will never live two identical instants. In a sense we are always surprised by life. Life is rarely routinary.

If for a moment you consider that your life is routinary, it is because you are not paying attention to it. Maybe what you live today is similar to what you lived yesterday. But it is you who have changed from yesterday to today; you are not the same as yesterday. The experience between yesterday and today has shown you that you are no longer the same. Everything you lived from yesterday to today has been stored in your memory.

Maybe what you are experiencing now seems very similar to what you experienced yesterday. But it is only now that you have the opportunity to live something different and yesterday no longer exists. Every moment of your life is different from the previous one in your potential to grow or, at least, in your decision to stop suffering.

If you are suffering for whatever cause, you are a victim of your thoughts. You are holding in your thoughts a pain, an anguish, a desire, etc. Well, the next moment that you are about to live can stop that thought by paying attention to any sensation, and your suffering will have disappeared. You will not forget about it since that is very difficult, rather impossible, but your attention is no longer in it but in the sensation you chose.


This is paying attention to oneself intentionally and practice will strengthen this. If you attend to yourself in this way you will see that there is a simple and proven way to take our own lives to the way that makes the most sense.