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Online Volunteering

Online Volunteering

We have adopted the word VOLUNTEERS to refer to people who have incorporated ATTENTION to the PRESENT to their COTIDIAN LIFE and who HELP OTHERS to do it in THEIR LIFE, in a SOLIDAR way.

we seek the collaboration of people committed to the humanitarian cause

Join our team of volunteers

We have the great joy of having in our team, more than a dozen volunteers who help us improve the information we have made available to you on this page. Want to join?

Presentation of work for volunteers

Our main objective is Research on the causes of human suffering, the results of such research are made available to everyone at ZERO COST. We seek technical collaboration that allows us to transmit in a simple, visual and effective, the practical content that we publish on our websites and educational platforms. Promoting advertising on social networks is essential to bring the practice of Attention to the Present to all those people who today may be in need of help. We work in: the elaboration of educational videos including animation, edition and creation of books, translation of research results and books, publicity of recent research results, among many others. If you are interested in collaborating with us, don’t hesitate! We will be happy for you to be part of our team, we are open to ideas and new projects that you can propose to us and lead us to a more efficient communication. Thank you. We’re waiting for you!


Free Course of 120 hours for the Training of Volunteers in Attention to the Present

Objectives of the course: To train all those who wish to divulge and reproduce the benefits it produces The Practice of Attention to the Present.