What consequences does it have to self-observe without resisting what I see?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Our most frequent attitude when faced with something we dislike about what we perceive is to shy away from the perception and to try and forget what we have perceived.   That is the attitude that explains a very high percentage of those moments that take us away from our life of calm and motivate our search for entertainment to distract us.  Who can enjoy living and reliving those moments that take away our peace of mind and that we cannot avoid? 

Those moments are, however, the best moments to observe ourselves and to learn about ourselves, to become aware of and to understand ourselves.  To answer: What exactly is it that annoyed me or that I disliked?  Why did it annoy me?  Does this make any sense?  Is my reaction more important to me than my peace of mind?  And there are many other questions about what troubles us.  The idea is not to resist what life brings us.  Do not run away from what you are.  Use what troubles you intelligently and with an interest in yourself.

All of us are different and the best way to learn the answer to the question about the consequences of such simple practices as the one we are considering – to self-observe when I see things – is to practise whenever the opportunity presents.

The possibility of coming across things that we dislike is a permanent feature of life.