What do I know about myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Hardly anything?
Frustrating is it not?
But that is how it is.
We know a lot about many things but what we know is just the start of the story of our ignorance.
Do an experiment by taking an interest in any subject and start a simple exercise to search for information about it and you will see the result: a panorama full of information that has already been expounded on the subject and that will allow you to progress as far as you like, to your complete satisfaction.
However, there is one subject about which, despite its importance for each and every one of us, very few of us know much and many of us do not know anything. It is ourselves.
We know things about ourselves but things that bear no relation to what we really are.
It could be said that perhaps we are not ignorant of those things that are external to us, connected with our activities and our way of relating to our technical or artistic specialty.
But we know very little, if anything, about what we are like as people, as human beings who think, feel and act in the world that surrounds us. Beneath the human mechanisms that work in a marvellously efficient way, there is an ability to remember what we have experienced and to react in the face of what we have perceived, constantly expanding on the story of the memory and in this way continually modifying how it causes us to feel, think and behave. It is the essence of what we call “I”, the pre-essence of ourselves. About this, what it is, how we can get to know ourselves, how we can control ourselves, what effects it has on what we are and many other questions, we know nothing, or very, very little. This knowledge requires an individual process of investigation and observation of ourselves, an activity that, like everything that makes us deliberately attentive, can change our own history. For many of those who have already taken this path of getting to know themselves. There is no other way to bring about the human change that the species and life needs.