What is the connection between my beliefs and my ability to learn and to listen?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

The beliefs that we harbour within ourselves are a demonstration of our inability to learn.

Generally they demonstrate a lack of curiosity since we all have the necessary ability to discover what can be understood through the use of our senses and our ability to think.

Through any of the means that we can use to observe the reality of what we are, which accompanies us throughout our lives, we could find out what we need to know.

That is the natural way for the whole of the individual or collective existence that we have.

Through a lack of curiosity or a lack of opportunity to learn what is important in life, we are inclined to listen to some of other people’s beliefs in order to overcome our own fears or worries.
And if we adopt them as our own, our natural human curiosity disappears.

We are comfortable and there we stay.
Life is a reality that is permanently fresh.
The life that we are living now is not the life we have already lived.

In the best case scenario, it is just a memory.
Every moment in our existence is a new opportunity to learn what we are.

Our beliefs are not us, they are responses that we have not assimilated and that we accept out of convenience or fear. They are not part of our lives.

Our observation of the life we live is the only source of information about what is important in life. Open yourself up to learning more about yourself. If you feel harmony, consistency and peace within you, in the absence of beliefs, that is all you need in life. If you do not feel them, it is because there are still things that you do not know about yourself. Get to know yourself.